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Yeah, I'm a Kotori fan but I can't complain with how DCSS went--if Junichi had switched to her it would have invalidated the whole first season of Da Capo. After everything they went through to be together in the first season, there was no way DCSS could end with anything but Junichi x Nemu, which is why rather than create a new love triangle it ended up being the Aisia Show instead. I did like the original Da Capo more than DCSS by far, but I wouldn't say DCSS was bad--I think given the constraints put on them by the first season, the studio actually did a decent job with it. Although if someone had just explained to Aisia exactly what happened two years ago, it would have saved everyone a lot of trouble...

I wonder in D.C. II who the 'winner' will the first Da Capo you could pretty much tell from the opening credits that Nemu would win (My Iron-Clad Rule for Picking Bishoujo Anime Winners: the girl with the most screentime in the OP and ED is going to win). In D.C. II it seems like Otome and Yume would be the front-runners based on their prominence in promo shots...
The manga adaptation D.C. Second Graduation had an entirely different take on the DCSS story... I actually liked the setup in the manga more. Nemu and Sakura are the characters that make the series go - Aisia simply couldn't carry it on her own. But as you said, it could've been worse.

As for DC II? I feel safe in picking an Otome win and safer in predicting that "picking a girl" will not be the focal issue in the show. The sakura tree always took priority over all else, as the source of magic and life on the island. Wonder what tricks the tree has up its sleeve this time around.

As for the rule for picking Bishoujo anime winners... good luck picking the winner of Shuffle! using that method. But I don't see too many exceptions to this rule. DC II will likely follow suit.

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