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By the way, Moonphase's blog confirms that the Animation Production for D.C. II will be done by feel, who've worked on both previous D.C. anime in one capacity or another (assistance on D.C., production on D.C.S.S.), and recently worked on Otoboku and Nagasarete Airantou. So this isn't very surprising, since ZEXCS is working on both Kujira and Rental Magica this Fall.

The other thing the blog mentions is that, apparently, they're they're not going to be releasing a lot of information about the cast, crew, and other details until the show actually airs. The message on the website fits that description. With the amount of promo they've been doing for the game cast (especially the VAs for Otome, Yume, and Koko), I sort of wonder if they might just keep the voice cast in this one. Then again, that'd be a pretty big change for King Records (who, as far as I know, always recast with their own talent), so we'll see...
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