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If you're decently fluent in Japanese and have a niconico account, there's recently been a series of awesome spoof videos on niconico called "ULANNAD". Quite good production and editing quality for a parody video. - Episode 1 - Episode 2

Like Lucky Star, some of the jokes may be beyond the people outside Japan (including myself), so let me summarise:

- Widespread use of seiyuu-related jokes: Nagisa going "USODA~" because Nakahara Mai (Nagisa) also played Rena in Higurashi, Fuuko hosting Lucky Channel as Akira-sama because Nonaka Ai (Fuuko) actually did the drama CD version of Akira-sama.

- Replacing the OP with the AIR OP "Tori no Uta" - "The 1000th Spring" - lol

- Insertion of all sorts of funny BGM from other series, like Lucky Star, Hokuto no Ken, Higurashi, etc

- Tomoyo gets even more of a power-up. (She goes to the max 9999 hits on poor Sunohara. )

Most of the times I relied on the comments of the niconico denizens to understand which reference was being used. So give these videos a try if you think you can understand.
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