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Originally Posted by Amex_Yohko View Post
Is it me or Nagisa's parents look young?

They look at least only 5-6 years older Nagisa herself.
Yes, they look young. They were likely designed to look young. The protagonist thinks they look young. Anyone can think they look young since they do.

Then again fictional scenarios can have younger/unusual circumstances, and fortunately an adult looking young is not particularly extreme.

And yes they likely do look at least 5 - 6 years older than Nagisa herself which was why in an earlier episode (or early in the game), Tomoya was like is this lady (referring to Sanae) Nagisa's sister? or mother?

Of course because of parental age differences with their children, aside from more extreme circumstances, you can assume they're at least 30s (like mid 30s or greater). The actual number isn't disclosed (though for most characters, it isn't. Since you have character identification as either some grade level student or an adult, you have a good enough age range to guess.)

Sushi, thanks very much for the Another Story information. Makes me want to purchase one and see the contents, if I could ever read it that is.
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