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Wth are you serious lol? Well thanks. I'll dl from them then. Hey what's the difference between Xvid version and h264 version?
not much of a difference to me but you do see a little drop off in quality on certain shows but you really have to look hard some times to notice(i dont notice it in Gundam 00). Nothing tho that would stop me from using MKV(h264) cuz the file size is usually lower. you'll notice that they have the SD versions and a HD version in mkv for Gundam 00. The HD MKV one is broadcast in 1080x720 which looks outstanding for Gundam 00. The SD ones are 704x400 but still look great itself. Conclave-Mendoi outclasses Shinsen-Subs and Nyoro in quality when it comes to these options to choose from. Most people still download the Xvid from them the most tho. Apparently theirs still not enough people that can either play the HD one well or just decide they dont need the HD one cuz the SD looks very good itself and its file size is low.
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