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Originally Posted by SHINOBI-03 View Post
We are now in volume 23. We still have nine more.

Hunter Exam arc was 5 volumes (38 chapters) covered in 21 episodes.

Zoldyck Family arc was 5 chapters all in volume 5 covered in 5 episodes

Heavens Arena arc was 3 volumes (20 chapters) covered in 10 episodes

Yorknew City arc was 6 volumes (56 chapters) covered in 22 episodes

Greed Island arc was 6 volumes (66 chapters) covered in 17 volumes

For Chimera Ants arc, we went through 5 volumes so far (nearly 53 chapters) and 25 episodes till date.

50 episodes took us about 94 chapters, that's nearly 10 volumes. So, I guess the content is enough for another 50 episodes.

Wow..................... so it'll be over in about a year of now?!
I hope you're right. The move to the late night slot could easily make them step up the pace and try to cram everything in 25 instead of 50 episodes. Let's hope that's not the case.
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