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I'm pretty amazed Wandering Son even got an adaptation, especially after how poorly Aoi Hana sold. I'd probably have to pick myself off the floor if it were actually doing well commercially. Aoi Hana was fantastic; Wandering Son has problems with its directing and pacing, but they're not severe enough to warrant those kinds of ratings. I would say the problem with these two is that the issues they examine aren't things Japanese society is ready to deal with seriously. Japan loves traps and Class S, but not in a way that makes most people want to honestly examine it in the context of reality. They're certainly targeted at the proper demographic for NoitaminA, though.

Fractale is just a complete mess that has no concept of characterization or storytelling. The immature tone is nothing like what NoitaminA has hosted in the past. The fact that they picked it up makes me wonder how much the network actually knows about the shows when deciding when to air them.

Characters and story can't really be separated, since the characters drive any story. What would Hamlet have been about if his mother and uncle weren't devious and power-hungry? You can have characters without a real story, but it just doesn't work the other way.
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