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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
I hope not. Right now, all Kamachi needs is creative powers that doesn't need to be planet busters. Just threats to the human race (like rewriting major metaphysical laws, etc.) and a WMD (Dainsleif is a nice WMD with its heartstopping passive ability) are enough to make Touma's life a living hell... and an interesting read for the rest of us.
Ars Magna, execution of light, Divine Mother worship, Accelerator, Dark matter, IB, Holy Right, ... and I'm sure he won't stop there, no, he's actually beginning to step on Nasu's field of expertise, so I guess that part is not a problem anymore (w)

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
cosmic is not new to this stuff. His pretty much an old timer geezer!

but the point of cosmic is the planet killer is pretty much different from galaxy killer.

Sure the planet is pretty cheap in toaruverse but still no where near a galaxy killer.

Kamachi would be doing some MAJOR JUMP in power levels to even introduce galaxy level killers.

Slayer series has those galaxy level as well as tenchi series for all I know being a fan of those series. Demonbane will leave even left alone in darkness and the universe is destroyed.

Point taken is planet level killer is different in power for galaxy level killer.
*sigh* Then again, the fact about planet busters and galaxy busters being too far from each other is actually irrelevant in this discussion, sure it may take time but ... it'll come, we're talking about that stubborn Kamachi. Well, it's not like he'll directly jump from planet+ to universe+ in the next volume, I'd say it'll take 5 or 6 volumes before the holistic esper is possible, but he won't let something like that slip from the palm of his hand.
Furthermore, we're not talking about any random hotblooded franchise but Toaru, a universe where most powerful guys can be dealt with if you have the proper broken ability/luck (considering there's no one as hax as the opponent) which in not necessarily a cosmic level one ... well my point is that that guy who can own a galaxy just to create a fireball in his hand can be easily dealt with a single punch or a gunshot, so it's no big deal

Originally Posted by zeniselv View Post
we cannot say misaki is broken, afterall little is known about it, also that was pretty much the idea of her having that remote, it seems she needs some kind of support to activate it, much like tatsikubou and kinuhata, actually from what was said in vol 22 tatsikubou would be able to become esper-bane.
Oh, that's right! I do reckon she also needs to touch her target before a link is established, with the remote controller in addition, it seems like she's not that broken finally ... let's see how she can manage to touch a Saint level magician or use that remote control in a casual fight with them
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