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Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
How do you know? What if they were killed in the act at least once?
If that's the case that's even less realistic, even tho the culprit got killed, whoever did so never attempted to expose that culprit's truth. No matter what "excuse" the story gives, we know perfectly well that Knox 6th prevents the truth from simply coming up to Battler. As I said, at that point trying to make perfect sense out of the gameboard ends up creating more nonsense.

Actually Knox 6th makes it so no one except Battler and Erika even had the right to expose the truth.

Edit: What? Erika had the time to use tools to undo Battler's setup but he didn't have to reset a chain lock from outside? Not to mention that the game doesn't claim anything like that. You just decided on your own that Battler didn't have time to.

Beside Renal, seriously, think about this for one second.
You disbelieve everything about Shkanon, so all the Shkanon scenes are useless in arc 6 to you.
You disbelieve the meta-world being meaningful or true, again making all it's scenes useless.
You also disbelieve every scenes shown from Erika's pov within arc 6 (and I assume 5)
I assume you are aware that since death were faked at first, most scenes we see from other char's perspective is falsified.
Have to add, you also somehow believe that every red truth and knox rules just happens to be followed perfectly and that there's nothing weird about it.

What is even left of arc 6? The absurdly impossible Ange/Hachijou scenes? Maybe a few gameboard scene now and then.
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