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Originally Posted by Flying Dagger View Post
Chariots man, chariots. They mow threw enemies like no tomorrow. They do not go amok like elephants, has some armor to take hits if they ever get stuck (elephants die easily to focus firing from arrows), the two units act as this lawn mower that tramples everything in the pathes.
Isn't that like the whole point of the chariots?

In any case I find that once they bog down into melee they fall like flies.

Late game is ever so boring. I have so far only bothered to finish a single campaign: and that is with Arverni: simply because they can liberate thus an economic victory can be quite easily achieved... relatively speaking.
It's like that with every game in TW. Once you reach that point it's just a grindfest to get to your last objective.

The problem with TW games is they don't have anything worthwhile to getting to the end IMO.

This game is only fun for its battles (it does give a very epic feel): assuming you have a computer that can handle the unoptimized graphics. Other than that its actually quite boring (esp the campaign map portion: all my provinces essentially look the same and its often a cat-and-mouse game between me and forced marched armies).
That doesn't make sense. All provinces look the same?
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