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Charitos and elephants need a more clear role:
Are they supposed to be AoE shock cavs? Then they need to do good AoE damage on charge then be able to withdraw.
Are they supposed to be line breakers? Then the damage needs to be lowered by a lot, but they should still be able to go through enemy infantry lines, knock them down and break formation.
Give them proper counter: ie: archers (with fire) has been good vs elephants.
Cavalry should be good vs chariots (right now chariots i think can handle even noble cavs which are stronger than cataphracts since cataphracts are shock cavs with low def and no shield).

The late game portion can be elegantly bandaided with diplomacy. Make it easier for you to make friends (not harder!) with force. This will cause the AI to form military alliances towards the military center of that region, and in late game you can use diplomacy to form military alliances with factions instead of steamrolling through that last 30 province needed for a victory condition.

All provinces look the same meaning the building setup is the same: (and ofc, they are REALLY slow at adding new maps - although they are doing it. Every coastal barbarian village all look the same with that little side entrance and a hill above it...)
Basically you want (for hellenic/rome factions):
In Capitals:
City hall public order building
Public order Temple
Might want a sanitation building for growth, or 2nd temple for food, or a city center food building

On settlements:
Food temple

That's pretty much the optimal setup. It just feels... boring.

One of the problem with the TW devs is that I feel as if they are stuck in tunnel vision mode:
Take the patch 7 formation attack thing.
Ok, you got hoards of people crying about formation attack on the forums, so they added that in.
But then, what is the point of using formation attack? Tests have shown that the blob is most effective in combat. I feel they added it not giving that function a clear purpose.

The various formations need a noticeable stat boost and a way to counter them (ie: ballista/back flank/elephants).

Some formations like the diamond formation isn't even worth using. For an optimal charge you want to spread out your cavalry units so every one of them can get a charge, instead of blobbing up, move at a reduced speed, and only allow maybe 10 charges to go through while the rest are stuck behind other cav units.

The devs need to take a look at the big picture again. How do the pieces fit together? How to make a fun game?

An idea of a fun faction would be one that is heavily reliant on their agents. Think of a faction that might have trash as units but agents have higher chance of critical success and more powerful operations! (or maybe they will throw in additional code to change max army size! It doesn't make sense how a full size Roman army is the same size as a full size nomadic army at 20 stacks).

Oh, pikes still feel stupid to use and get stuck a lot.
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