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Originally Posted by Crontica View Post
Yui: Cockroach
There, fixed it for ya . She should stay uninvolved outside of concerts like the rest of GirlsDeMo. I demand more non-concert screentime for the rest of the band, not just useless Cockroach.

I can't believe I only realised Takeyama was missing after reading the comments. So thats why I thought it felt odd when Yuri was messing with Kanade's program. takeyama needing to walk back after being sent flying last week makes perfect sense too. Poor Kanade, being forced to assimilate with her evil clones. Yuri should have took time to go through the manual, or at least on the parts involving the skills she was messing around with. Maybe she did and just didn't care about Kanade's well being. I'll go with that.
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