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My problem with plan B is that it didn't require all this effort. If the goal was to get people onto the Earth how hard would it be really to sneak people onto ships heading to Earth? We've already seen how sad the security is on the colonies, shouldn't be that hard to get Vagans onto the Earth without needing a full scale battle. I'd say Ezelcant's plan failed and with sneaking the pods onto Earth they only managed to avoid it being a complete disaster. But with a mysterious leader like Ezelcant anything that happens no matter how random can be considered part of the plan.

I only feel sorry for Remi. Obright was the one waving around death flags like an idiot. Every time we saw him he was trying to wave that flag a little bit more. In the end Remi paid the price for flagrant effort to upset the Gundam gods.

At least the episode went well for Asemu. Looked more competent to his father and everyone with how he helped save the day there. Also helped repair the rift between him and Romary a little and get her to show more concern for him than I've seen in a while. To top it off was able to work with Zeheart a bit. An Asemu that isn't depressed or raging is easier to get along with. While still on opposite sides this chance to work together was key for their severely damaged friendship.

I hadn't thought about it, but yeah the Vagans really can't have ships dropping onto the Earth or anything. Can't use it as their Eden if it's destroyed.

Thought it was a bit too early for Asemu's arc to end. Now things heading to Earth and Asemu taking on the Woolf mantle. He may never have gotten to pilot a white Gundam, but at least Asemu can be a kind of successor to him and take that on.
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