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Suggestions for Anime with very limited fantasy?

Hey, I hope that this isn't a duplicate thread... but..

Can anyone recommend any anime (available on AnimeSuki) for me?

Two series that I've really enjoyed are Full Metal Panic (and Fumoffu) and Stellvia of the Universe.

Full Metal Panic was a good combination of what I like. School kids, comedy, action, a little romance, little science fiction.

Stellvia of the Universe seemd to have some of this blend too.

I don't really like anime with heavy fantasy and supernatural. I prefer more "realistic" animes (with science fiction being okay).

I've watched a couple episodes of PlanetES, but I didn't really enjoy them that much... Would anyone recommend that I continue watching it? Does it get better in the later episodes?

I also watched the first episode of Uninhabited Planet Survive, but it looked really odd.. The voices sounded odd to me and the animation was different from most others (at least in the case of the main character's friend whom she meets.. Sharla I think her name was?).

So, I guess what I'm looking for is preferably no fantasy/supernatural, but some sci-fi is okay. Something with some comedy and/or action. I guess, something a long the lines of Full Metal Panic (Fumoffu too), and Stellvia of the Universe?

Thanks in advanced.
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