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i definitely mirror the Twin Spica sentiment. the talking lion... it isn't a talking lion. its a lion head that a person wears. but regardless, as somename already mentioned, that isn't the focus of the story. only thing that sucks is that only 6 eps are subbed, and the last one was released a loooong time ago.

you might check out Infinite Ryvius. granted, there are a few out of the ordinary things involved in the plot, and it's very sci-fi.. but the emphasis is on character development and i feel like the characters are very real. give a few episodes a shot.

Get Backers is definitely a comedy/action blend, with only a bit of the supernatural (special abilities), and is decent.

and i dont think you'd like planetes any more if you keep watching it. the tone definitely stays the same.. fairly episodic, and very heavily based on character development.
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