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Frankly, ijrims, this theory is almost turning Erika-like.

No, Kyrie was not a wonderful, nor a loving woman. My CURRENT hypothesis is that She prized family above everything, including her own children. Not that she did not care about her children, but she would sacrifice them if she weigh them against the whole family.
So in the name of family, she's willing to destroy her own. Okay.

And the thing is you have two inherently contradictory goals for Kyrie. She has a goal of getting the Sumaderas and destroying the Ushiromiyas, and at the same time wants to get the Ushiromiyas to unite in the name of family. I see a contradiction here in your theory.

You are right.

I am making up things. But somehow I got the feeling that Beatrice would not abandon her family no matter how it mistreated her from her dialogue with Battler in EP4.

If Kyrie was Beatrice, then she would not abandon her family no matter what. (as said by Kasumi in EP4, she commented that mere disownment as punishment was too lenient at all if Kyrie had a bastard child with Rudolf. She insisted that there must be some secret deals behind.)

My wild speculation was that disownment was only a facade, marrying Rudolf was part of the plan to get the gold. .
Pretty much right in you're making things up. You have absolutely no evidence that Kyrie thinks anything about the Sumaderas other than hatred, and no evidence that there were actually good terms between them, while we have evidence that they did not have good terms due to disownment. It's already been addressed why they just disowned her (Ange implies that the Ushiromiyas bribed the Sumaderas to shut up) and while we can't disprove your theory with certainty, it's pretty illogical with everything we've seen.
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