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I'm not saying Accelerator can't rip you apart. I'm pertaining on the range of his AIM. Because in the previews post on bending or altering the direction of attacks by using your own ability to hijack the other person ability.

You can't hijack accelerator ability because the one his firing at you is basically the surrounding or environment..... hmm how to say this....... basically his aim filed is only few millimeters or even millimeters away on his skin. So even if he directed an attack towards you. His powers aren't acting on it so you can't hijack it or alter its direction using your own ability.

You can only dodge it smash the attack if you can or even just take it head on if you can survive that is. Unlike on what Mugino vs Mikoto where Mikoto uses her ability to bend the ray of meltdown against her.

You can't do that against Accelerator
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