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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
I thought she was tsundere for Riki, lol.
Not really. She has absolutely no attraction towards Riki whatsoever in Haruka's route. The main point with Kanata regarding Riki was how "conveniently" he shows up like Haruka's saviour, despite being an outsider.
It isn't like Kanata didn't want anyone else to be the one who helps Haruka, but she was afraid that Haruka would get an even worse mental unstability if a sliver of hope would shatter like that (as in Riki utterly failing despite "talking big").

Originally Posted by Enternal View Post
I was somewhat getting that feeling too but I'm not sure. Although if I'm reading Klash's post right, Klash seems to imply something about Kanata feeling good talking to Riki? Well I don't know but it's quite possible in EX since there's even a route for her.
Kanata mentioned that herself in Haruka's route, and the context was based on the fact Kanata appreciate talking normally to Riki regarding serious stuff, instead of always staying on the sarcastic tangent.

I personally think Haruka's route was the a bit better than the majority of the heroine route in LB, specifically because you had interesting perspective regarding conflict and characters being not so polarized in black or white (although Haruka was sort of a simpleton for the majority of the original route).
The problem of the route was how the VN conclusion was nearly non existent, and you had a somewhat "rushed" acceptance for Haruka regarding Kanata, despite it took ages for her before regarding her quest to know more about Shou (which was drastically cut in the anime).

I think thoug that her conclusion doesn't need to be similar to Kanata's route (not be discussed here, of course), as they could potentially expand the route for a believable branching result.
However, the "best" conclusion would have been Kanata's instead, which might show up later, who knows.
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