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Originally Posted by Ice Block View Post
Did you know that before the anime was even announced, it was widely considered impossible to adapt Clannad faithfully without reverting to Higurashi-like resets or Endless Eight repeats? If you can suggest a better way to faithfully tell the whole Clannad story in an anime format than what was presented, then enlighten us, please.
Ah that is a pretty easy one. Toei had the brains for it, it's pretty simple. Do away with the blobs of light.

Also, the "not the best ending" hardly justifies the "best story" but I suppose in the end it's up to individual taste. Clannad COULD have been the better story though, I'll hand you that.

Of course when we say a medium should hold its own alone, without the need to turn to the adapted material to fill in the blanks or that the blobs of light are one of the lamest things a human mind could think about in terms of a story element or an ending, we're bad trolls who troll the nice peace-loving Clannad fans...

As far as Bakemonogatari goes, I doubt it's telling a concrete story so there's no point comparing the "story" to others. It's the character interaction through dialogue and the use and/or subversion of a number of stereotypes that caused it to kill the competition, even when SHAFT admitted it was aired unfinished.
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