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Did you know that before the anime was even announced, it was widely considered impossible to adapt Clannad faithfully without reverting to Higurashi-like resets or Endless Eight repeats? If you can suggest a better way to faithfully tell the whole Clannad story in an anime format than what was presented, then enlighten us, please.
I certainly understand the limitations of the medium, and I think Clannad is a hell of a show. It's just not perfect, right from the beginning, from the games. The plot, the characters... It's just that I can see so much room for improvement. For example, we're dealing with a purely harem based setting that follows classic rules. This equals to room for improvement. Secondary characters and semi-secondary characters are often shallow and underdeveloped. This equals to room for improvement (and I'm well aware that there are time restrictions).
Nagisa is cliche. Tomoya is relatively boring in his main hero-ness. Which is a clear sign of the presence of the commonly seen effort to entice empathy between the viewer/player and the characters. This equals to room for improvement. Alas, as a general rule, it's usual for us to see, in Afterstory, occasions where blatant emotional mechanisms are employed. They are certainly powerful, but a bit short of brilliant, to be honest. The ending... well, I understand anime is meant for Japanese people, and they have different paradigms, and the endings are something that are dangerous to experiment with. I understand that very well. But even inside those restrictions, the ending, the second half of the last episode, could be used for so much more. Even without an epilogue, which the western-minded public would certainly welcome.

In the end, nothing is perfect. Because as soon as we reach the "perfect level" we aimed at, we come up with some new criticism, some new "perfect level" to aim at. And this is why we tend to see better things as years pass by. I don't blame Clannad for not being perfect, but it's kind of strange that I, with little experience in anime (clannad was my 5th show, IIRC), can see flaws and other people cannot... Or don't seem to be able to.

Originally Posted by Ice Block View Post
But itís the best story.
Well, maybe it is. But that doesn't mean it's perfect. I don't know. I face this issue time and again: the best of the best isn't as good as it could be. In Clannad's case, they just gave into the limitations of the genre and the medium. I don't care if it was thought to be impossible to adapt it. It is thought to be impossible to adapt the real story of a dead fish down the toilet, and we're not going to call a successful adaptation of that a masterpiece...
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