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Not sure how Clannad and Bakemonogatari relate but neither animes have the best stories. Nevertheless, it does not mean that I did not immensely enjoy them. Characters are the most important aspect in any entertainment form be it anime, movies, TV series. You can have a good story, but if the characters are bad, it will be of poor entertainment value. The same cannot be said for shows with good characters but average stories, they will likely still be liked. How the story is told is also more important than the plot content itself, which often comes hand in hand how the characters are portrayed and developed.

Both Clannad and Bakemonogatari had "a story", neither superb nor terrible. In the case of Clannad was the simple life story of Okazaki, going through high school shenangians to friendships to love to marriage to childbirth to raising a family. How it was handled however, was superb. Clannad After Story episode 18 is a clear example of a simple, yet cliche situation executed masterfully.

Bakemonogatari on the other hand is the story of Araragi and his relationships with different girls and their troubles (and oddities). The story is not any more deep than this and I am pretty sure the author didn't intend it to be. Nevertheless, the character interactions and dialogue is what made the show.

If people want to see good story animes, there are looking in the wrong directions if they seek that in Clannad or Bakemonogatari. You are better off searching for animes such as Death Note or Higashi no Eden. Nonetheless, I enjoyed these two animes as well but different reasons. I repeat, you do not need to have an original or revolutionary story for a piece of entertainment is good as long as it is executed well.
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