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Originally Posted by Clarste View Post
No, I said "Guy goes out and helps a bunch of girls with their problems one at a time" which is quite a bit more specific.

a) Guy is singular, girls is plural.

b) Guy "goes out" to help them. He goes out of his way to. He makes it his mission. This eliminates quite a bit of the harem genre that have completely passive protagonists who might only help by accident or by getting caught up in something.

c) A bunch of. There are more than a few. It isn't merely a single love interest, or even a love triangle.

d) Problems. The girls all have their own idiosyncratic problems that can be fixed. No girl would be "okay" if left alone. No one is well-adjusted.

e) One at a time. The plot moves in arcs centering on one girl at a time. Unless the girls are paired up to specifically have overlapping problems, you don't see their problems being resolved incidentally along with someone else's. They require the undivided attention of the guy to be resolved.

f) I guess I didn't say this, but both Clannad and Bakemonogatari share the idea that the male lead also has his own problems, but can only fix, or even notice, these problems through his interactions with the girls. This serves as the main arc of the story.
Indeed, this is your average harem show, now if you want to think Clannad (the anime) was innovative because it killed good humor and pretended to be serious, while Bakemonogatari reveled on self-sarcasm of its genre ... well, that's another story.

My take is that Clannad was a rehash/reshuffle of Air and Kannon, ... hell your average galge or harem; while Bakemonogatari, played on a completely different level, using the same plot start ... a harem.

Dunno, how often do you hear lines, you have a harem because you're a vampire, which on another level implies that the girl saying it has fallen for the guy exactly because of this reason, which on yet another level we know it is not true

I really do not want to give countless examples of bad scripting in Clannad, it would just be mean to those that had not suffered the hundreds of Clannads before it
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