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Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post
Actually, I see another flaw in her that I did not think about before. She is a fake in the way she acts friendly towards everyone else. She has to put up a front in order to fit in and pretend to be the perfect model student. She is upset at Kyosuke and worried about him spilling the beans because he knows her true self. Also, she acts the most like her true self when she is with Kuroneko and does not need to put up an act.

There are ways to be truly friendly and also gain respect, like what Kyosuke does. Her way of doing things actually will make her truly lonely one day if she does not change her ways (from what I have seen in real life).
Looking on the comments, I have a theory on how I perceive Kirino. First, I kinda agree with your theory here, although not as severe. That is, rather than being a model student who happens to be an anime/imoutoge fan as well, she's primarily a fan with a model student cover. The main reason is well, she knows if she admits as an otaku she'll be looked down upon, and what's more the job etc helps her buys the lifestyle and get parents off her back to avoid suspicion. She drops her jerkass behavior because she knows that that's not how a model student should act. Maybe she does like studying/work/athletic stuff too so the cover isn't a complete lie, but it's still hiding something as it's nowhere near the passion she has for her hobbies.

Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
4. Yes ok I can concede to her surprise at Kyousuke's angry reaction, but it brings up another issue she may just have to face: what now happens when her brother decides to stand up for himself? They have been fighting or cold shouldering each other for years, and a confrontation like this forces her to rethink just how they've been dealing with each other. This may as well be the first time Kyousuke pointed out to her that she's being insufferable and unmindful of others. This may be the first time that he simply pointed out her faults outright and bluntly. She doesn't get it from her parents that's for sure, so this might be the first time in her life someone simply pointed out that she isn't a picture perfect person, something she has sorely needed since like forever. That is precisely why she sucks at criticism.

5. Again, point number two and point number 4. Just because she didn't doesn't mean she never will, and implications about her life has somewhat showed that she has shown some degree of incapacity at showing some regard for other people. She is, shall we say, emotionally blunted. She's not actually sociopathic, but it is safe to believe that living the life of a modern queen bee as opposed to being a worker bee like Kyousuke has shielded her from more expected social realities you'd want from any person. A brotherly alienation, pampering parents, pampering friends etc etc.
Now that we know that it's mostly a cover, I think it's clear that behind that Kirino is selfish and emotionally blunted. Sure, maybe there's even more dere hidden behind that as well (like how she says bad things toward Kuroneko but still keep her as friend, for example), but like Meo said here there's some other things that makes her plain selfish and emotionally blunted even without the dere coming into play.

And thus, with the emotional bluntness and lack of admonishment, maybe the reason her 'tsun' goes overboard sometimes is because she doesn't realize just how much it'd hurt other people, seeing as she rarely suffers the same thing. She knows it's bad, of course, but she doesn't know how bad it is or that in her mind, the other person deserves it anyway.

Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
6. I am also not convinced she's supposed to be the villain. If anything, maybe she's closer to the damsel in distress who doesn't really want to be saved. Okay sure she wants her life counseling sessions, but she also seems okay with much of the status quo, when in fact she looks to be so out of tune with the rest of her family and the rest of the outside world that she NEEDS Kyousuke for perspective, perspective she finds difficult to accept from him because her feelings of alienation still separates them.

That's the irony here I think: She needs him but she claims not to want him. The very distance that has grown between them feeds her actions that push him away.
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