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Originally Posted by KeitaroNagato View Post
@ all above - You all have very interesting opinions on Kirino. IMHO, I believe... eerrrr..... maybe i mostly FEEL that she is so much like Ami Kawashim, but with the reverse double essences of the "True self" and the "True Fake" . My question is which is which? Mostly I FEEL that she just a FAKE with the ones she truly loves, but the TRUE with the rest of the world. Look at last episode one how she reacted after the meeting. Com-on! She is truly insecure as her TRUE self, and in this one a FAKE with others.

It's seems that everyone has a double life, one way or another, like it or not, I'm falling in love with the show Well, if i ever met a man as kind as Kyosuke, I would never be a bitch to him lol .....
unless he breaks my heart or trust, i will break his B@lls...
Ah, some Toradora! reference. That was also a great show, although frustrating at times. I agree that Kirino is an insecure person, although she wants to put up a front to say otherwise. As for her true self, it is a bit of a mix bag. She is at times insecure, at times outspoken, at times passionate, at times embarrassed, at times lying, and at times denying the reality in front of her. Her fake self you are referrring to, is also partially true. She is truly an athlete, intelligent, and model. The fake part of it all is the image of confidence and kindness that she wants the world to see.

Kyousuke is actually a pretty good guy. He might not be as gifted as his sister, but he is genuine inside, well at least in the anime as far as I can see. Of course, they could twist the story around at any moment now.

Originally Posted by Saturn Beaver View Post
That is, rather than being a model student who happens to be an anime/imoutoge fan as well, she's primarily a fan with a model student cover. The main reason is well, she knows if she admits as an otaku she'll be looked down upon, and what's more the job etc helps her buys the lifestyle and get parents off her back to avoid suspicion. She drops her jerkass behavior because she knows that that's not how a model student should act. Maybe she does like studying/work/athletic stuff too so the cover isn't a complete lie, but it's still hiding something as it's nowhere near the passion she has for her hobbies.

Still, one thing that still boggles my mind (and makes me frustrated with Kirino as well) is that whether Kirino really wants her relationship with Kyousuke restored or not.

I still find the tsun and inability to be honest too far gone, really, without enough redeeming traits to counter it. At least, my rage and rants will be lessened but I still prefer other characters like Kuroneko and others.
I agree with you there. She is a fan who is putting up a model student front, even if some of its attributes are true.

As for her relationship with Kyousuke, I genuinely believe that she does want a better relationship with him, but she just doesn't understand how. Her siscon games are her only reference, and the games are shunned upon in society, so she cannot follow along with it. As far as her expressing it, however, it is mean, vicious, and unkind, which makes her less appealing to many viewers, especially considering how kind the recepient (her brother) is in contrast.

Originally Posted by KeitaroNagato View Post
I've noticed something... after kirino played the game , she look sad when Rinko said " I will never see you again"... and Kirino said something along the line " I made a wrong choice..." . I have no clue what she is talking about. I thought it was because the ending of the game was not what she was hoping for, then again it could be on what she really wanted inside... Revelation?
It is a little of both, in this case. A good end to these games is when they are all happy together for the rest of their lives. She thought she had a bad ending because they had to be separated. Also, it is an introspective on her feelings, to be separated from the one she cares for. She has vested so much energy and effort on someone, but ending up departing with that person is just sad.
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