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Well yeah, the eroge and such was always about Kirino's journey of self discovery. It's been a catharsis for her relationship with Kyousuke from the start
Indeed, its been the catharsis from the start, but she did hide it from Kyousuke, and the rest, the answer is why why eroge, why not Sailor moon? or Fruit Basket ? Keeping it hidden to those that may perceived her as an outcast? Yes, she did told her brother, he accepted her hobbies, yes her parents found out (well not entirely), and yes her best friend knows . She did stated that she "just started to love it" and became part of who she is, but why eroge?

Maybe from the start as a way to have "some type" of relationship that may seems "close" to her brother in the first place. Even though is not real as in a REAL relation with siblings.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, and Kyousuke knows, but there is a more meaningful answer(s) deep inside Kirino, when the ending of the game was not what she excepted for. So honestly, what is she trying convey through the game based on her feelings? Earlier Undertaker did a wonderful job on explaining why play eroge games, which I love his points, its really just to express in some sort of emotions or feelings, to understand oneself. Just like saying why people get pissed playing Halo when the opposite opponent is better then you, and he/her keeps on killing you over and over. Just the same when a Halo player is good on hunting and killing of adversity factions and gets a kick out of it ( KING OF THE HILL! ).

Spoiler for Final Fantasy 7:
Yet, through RPGs it does gives me a lecture or an insight on who I'm as a person, and compare to other Dumb-@ss games, why RPGs enhance my maturity. Its the same as Kirino with her eroge, it does enhance her growth, and what choices she want and may/may-not do in the near future. And, that is what I got on that small part in ep9. What she really wants, the choices we have, and what outcomes it maybe.[


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