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Indeed, its been the catharsis from the start, but she did hide it from Kyousuke, and the rest, the answer is why why eroge, why not Sailor moon? or Fruit Basket ? Keeping it hidden to those that may perceived her as an outcast? Yes, she did told her brother, he accepted her hobbies, yes her parents found out (well not entirely), and yes her best friend knows . She did stated that she "just started to love it" and became part of who she is, but why eroge?

Maybe from the start as a way to have "some type" of relationship that may seems "close" to her brother in the first place. Even though is not real as in a REAL relation with siblings.
It's not as though eroge is her only hobby. We also see her great fandom of anime like Meruru (which is an obvious parody of Nanoha) as another example. I don't see her "path to eroge" as being all that different than mine, honestly -- I started with romance-themed anime, and became interested in the source material for those shows, and later branched out into other similar games. Being interested in one aspect of this hobby and digging further will inevitably lead you to other aspects of the hobby; as she said, all you have to do is start following the major Japanese "otaku" blog sites, and there's a never-ending procession of new, attractive works being released all the time.

So I do think that her sort of "stumbled into it" excuse seems pretty realistic. Why she stuck with it perhaps digs at some deeper issues, but I'm not sure you can dig too deeply. I don't think she "sought out" eroge, more like "it found her" -- she just happened to be receptive to it.
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