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I said last time that he isn't extremely dense but I take that back. But to be honest how old is he again? I can remember someone stating his/her age as 15 or 16 but I can't remember who that was. If my memory isn't completely failing we shouldn't expect Ichika to be an omnipotent harem handler who can understand the hidden meanings of promises instantly but rather a boy who hasn't any / that much experience when it comes to girls. (By the way I'm cheering for Rin no matter who else will join the harem, mayyyyyyyybe for the blond one)

Anyway some points for the episode:
No trespassing sign? COMPLETELY IGNORED
Inconsistent flying skill for Ichika
Cecilia wtf 180 degree turn to dere
Houki trying to hit an 'unarmed' person with her bamboo sword, serious facepalm
Rin is A D O R A B L E <333
Nice camera position for Cecily
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