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Well we'll have to wait for subs but just going by what I saw ...

Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Kyoko will call a truce with Madoka and Sayaka, deciding that it is more important to find out what the real deal is before continuing. As a selfish person by nature, she likes having all the information at her disposal so she can make a decision that best benefits herself.

Spoiler for ep7:

We'll find out what Kyoko's wish was, but not really what her power is (leading to speculation about what her power is).
Spoiler for ep7:

Sayaka will say something like, "This new revelation scares me, but I knew there would be risks going in. I'll just have to fight that much harder."
Spoiler for ep7:

Oh, and they still won't clarify what a wish can do, nor if it can revive Mami.
Doesn't look like it though it seems (from my very basic japanese knowledge) the first question Madoka asked Homura is "why didn't you tell us anything before"...
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