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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
Mentally? Try physically. He wanted to prove to her the pain she felt in her fight against Kyoko is nothing compared to real pain, so he put his paw on her soul gem to give her a taste of true pain. I'd like to add this little torture lasted more than necessary.

The reason he did that was to demonstrate the usefulness of the soul gem. Thanks to it, magical girl can keep fighting even after getting injured. They're perfect little soldiers.
Interesting. From how you put it, he once again did something logical, but that is hard to handle emotionally, demonstrating once again that he doesn't quite understand the girls he's contracting. Although it almost sounds a version of slapping a girl who is overreacting, so that might be one way of looking at it.

Originally Posted by omimon View Post
Wait wait wait, from what I can tell Hitomi simply said she liked him and that's it. What's the big deal, so they like the same guy, that doesn't mean Sayaka and Kamijou can't be together.
Shhh! Don't bring logic into this! People have their own little worlds already created, and you risk bringing those crashing down around their heads with your "reason" and "facts."

Although this does seem a bit out of left field, with a revelation that Hitomi has like Kamijou. If so, why wasn't she visiting him in the hospital, too? Seems like a bit of an ass-pull, just to torture Sayaka. What's next? She just happens to come home and find out a thief broke in and murdered her family?
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