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Yes but that is another thing. Is live-ammo weapons open to the public? And how does it affects a mage? I mean most assume a Barrier Jacket can block bullets but I am not that sure and since we never see it happening it makes me wonder. Also what makes some people mage and some other no even in Mid-Childa, the magic world. What kind of work a regular mage can get that isn’t TSAB related? I mean beyond Yunno’s work or being a body guard, how does magic fits this society when they seem to have technology for everything. At one point they mention that the company that made the AEC weapons is leader on magic for domestic use, what that means?

That I would like to see. Instead I once read that the reason they don’t allow mages to fly on cities is to avoid collisions with aircrafts… I am not even going to say what I think about it but is rather odd.
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