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Originally Posted by ccardoso
First he allowed Japan to become Area 11 by killing her father and giving to millions of people discrimination and such, now he's fighting against his people again as they're trying to regain what they've lost.
Hmmm? There was no Lelouch with his almighty Geass back then. And Japan would've lost the war anyhow since Britannia was only beginning to test its new invention "Knightmare frames". So that whole "he allowed Japan to become Area 11 by killing his father" bit is entirely invalid. The whole discrimination and death issue is a personal opinion. Some might prefer to "die" than "suffer from discrimination", so that's an independent judgment call and I won't debate it.

His intent in fighting his own people is not to ruin their chances at regaining their statuses; he is more focused on eliminating Zero, and then probably aiming to restore stability since there are civilians on the Britannian side as well who had no intention of becoming involved in this war. Let's not debate whether the civilians deserve it or not; it wasn't their decision to invade other countries.

He's a traitor to many Elevens since many of them had initially wanted to defend their own country. He sold them out on their ideals. But he did what an eleven year old with that kind of belief would do. Children act abruptly without considering the consequences. It's funny how an adult (I'm assuming you're over 18 or somewhere within that age range) can criticize children like that when they could have very likely done "stupid" things of a lesser degree themselves. Regardless of whether Suzaku did what he did or not, people would have died. It's seemingly evident that the soldiers continued to retaliate even when their leader died.

What's not warranted is Suzaku blatantly calling Zero "evil" early on. Zero had done nothing that was remotely evil, but I suppose that whole poison bomb incident was a bit loose. Zero hadn't even done anything relatively brutal afterwards as well, and that was why Suzaku was lightening up on him a bit. But it really all depends on what V.V. told him; V.V. can alter the story to portray Zero's character as dastardly or tell him the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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