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Memorable deaths would be:
- Sleggar, in his Core Booster, getting smashed by the Big Zam's toenails..
- Char and Amuro, their deaths are still vague... Disappearing into a green light.
- Norris, the MOST heroic death in Gundam history, he died carrying out his duty. Gotta love his Gouf.
- Nicole, sliced by a bigass sword at the age of 15... What could be more tragic?
- Tolle, beheaded by a flying shield... Classic way to go if you ask me.
- Stellar, one of the most touching deaths in GSD.
- Todaka, good man, too bad the nutter that he rescued wasn't, though.
- Baba, I never knew ramming a Murasame into the Minerva can carve such a huge crater on the ship's hull.
- Rey, Talia and Durandal... First family reunion then *BOOM*..
- Heine, his death really stamped a "WTF!?" mark on my face...
- Joshua, died Heine-style, only thing is, he's too cocky..
- Howard Mason, died Norris-style, fought and died with honour.
- Lockon, aced Norris's death by a small margin, I never knew such a cheerful dude has a dark past.
- Kinue, somehow we just saw it coming...

Note: Of all the deaths above, none of them actually hit the bullseye spot in my "Best death style" list, which was Henry Gilliam. (Macross Frontier)
Take the Dozle VS Gundam scene:
- Replace the Big Zam with a jet
- Replace the Gundam with a huge alien with arms(that's right, we don't need Amuro to pilot it)
- Have the alien grab Dozle and the crush him like a biscuit, bare-handed.
- There you go, a Gilliam-ish death scene.
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