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Originally Posted by Sir Dearka View Post
Just watched this video. It is old. But all the memories came back to me. Long remember comrade Nicol

to me, it was THE sadest Gundam death ever.
It's all the flashbacks that are shown for Nicol that makes it the very sad death. He was one of my favorite characters in the series, so it was very painful to see him go the way he did.

Originally Posted by Scavenger View Post
Nicole's death from SEED. While I think he is too queer and he deserved to die, I think that's a pretty gory way too die.
I was going to ask why you thought he deserved to die, though i'm sure i don't want to know anymore.

No one deserves to die.

As for memorable death scenes, there are so many in Victory Gundam --- especially the first few deaths of the Strike team members, like Mahalia's death.
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