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I mostly am very put off by the tone you used to convey your opinion on this topic, which sounded exactly like someone trying to forbid me from expressing my opinion. Which, I might note, is a 100% sure trigger to set off my fireworks.
I wouldn't ever do that. I'll tell people that I think they're wrong, or (where they're trading in factual errors) I'll tell people plainly that they are wrong (as whoever it was who said that Kawamori wrote episode 17 of Frontier, or directed Escaflowne), but telling people not to post is silly, since I have no power to enforce that (which was also a problem when Moncikoma was copying my entries and pasting them on another site, without attribution, giving everyone the impression that, for example, he went to the Christmas concert, or that he took photos of Griffith Park observatory...I wanted him to stop, I asked him to stop, but really...what can I do about it? All one can say is "please don't." Which isn't the same as forbidding someone from doing something.
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