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Yot why are you trying to say bittersweet = troll when i like bittersweet endings? You clearly have an issue to argue with someone else, so use their words not mine. My point is Kawamori does bittersweet endings, so people should stop using the bittersweet ending as a form of protest from him. Even if he didn't direct Escaflowne (and saying Akane is a better director than Kawamori is hardly an insult, if he had any sense in him he would agree since Akane is an amazing director) but he was the scriptwriter for it.

And he doesn't have to do the same ending all the time.. if you look @ all his shows though a trend occurs, and again can someone mention if Arjuna had a bittersweet ending or not? I couldn't stand the preaching in that one, so I dropped it.
Okay, so which shows do you think of as "Kawamori shows"?

Does DYRL have a bittersweet ending? How about Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu? What about Spring and Chaos? Shanghai Dragon

And Kawamori was the scriptwriter for Escaflowne, but he wasn't the writer. He took the stories the writing team wrote and hammered them into screenplays (teleplays, if you want to get anal about it).

Yoshino, on the other hand, wrote, from scratch, every episode of Frontier. So wouldn't he be the one you should be praising or blaming?
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