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I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by Zakoo View Post
There was no link for me to know the context, I can't guess what's going on in the whole world.
Speaking of trying to understand people, maybe you should have read a few posts upward... Lead by example, you know? Kinda hard to take you seriously if you don't.

Nonetheless doesn't change a thing, it still suits my first part, I can sympathize with the family of the two dead people, but the fact that man tried to commit suicid is as well a problem, and instead of condamning him, there should be proper work why that man dived in so much in despair.
And it doesn't change the fact that it would have been far, far better for him to kill himself on his own rather than murder two random strangers. Still a tragedy, if you want to insist on calling it that, but a much smaller one.
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