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Second prelims group 3 and group 6. Don't expect any of them to get in realistically.
Only one I see having an outside chance is Koneko (Their strongest girl). Results in a strong group like Group 9 makes it hard to judge true strength (i.e. Chiaki finished way back in 20th in Group 16, but is 5th in this group ahead of some girls that finished 13th in their group).

On the other hand, though, Kaga Rin, who finish 19th in Group 9 (Koneko is 20th by a vote), didn't make the cut. Nagatsuka Saki & Haibara Ai (17th and 18th) both did, but there is a gap b/t 18th and 19th...

Speaking of voting...
I was able to get a code and vote yesterday. Of course, today, it's back to no code...
Is not true. Am able to get on the waitlist, hence able to get the code today again. Earlier was not able to get one from my work computer, but that's not the case for my computer at home...

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