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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
A full year is a long time to clear a game, even one with 100 levels. I mean, these gamers are now literally spending 24 hours a day inside this game.

Let's say your average SAO player is awake for 16 of those 24 hours. So over 3 days that's 48 hours of conscious, continuous gameplay. 48 hours is *a lot* of gameplay time. Plenty of hardcore gamers can clear full games in that amount of time, let alone one level.

It's not unreasonable to think that 48 hours of gameplay is enough time (on average) to clear a level, presuming the gamers are working cooperatively at all (which many of them clearly are). So 3 days per level. Now times by 100. 300 days. Let's even add on 65 more days since one would expect later levels to be harder to clear. So 365 days, or a full year.

But ultimately, all this means is that I think that Reki Kawahara might have stretched out the dates a bit too much.
A few things we have to consider when we are discussing leveling up time in this environment.

1) Everyone is more cautious, hence, slower, when they are trying to level up. One major mistake and it means that they die permanently. People can't normally take the risks they normally do in a normal game.

2) Everyone now is trying to grab the same resources at the same time for an extended period of time. Hence, it would be more difficult to find resources and shared spawning grounds.

3) The area in each level is very large, and it takes a lot of time to move from one area to another. There usually is no easy teleportation magic to move around quickly.

4) The parameters could be changed and grinding could be slow to increase experience.

Although it is hard to imagine things taking so long to level up when compared to current games, it could possibility take longer intentionally by the creator by changing the parameters around to make it more like a real life experience.
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