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I really wish the author would have included ranged weaponry and magic, with both using a degree of skill to wield aim and fire with neither having good hit rates past medium range of say ~15m. Silica would have been much better off using a bow, xbow, or magic...

Alas, what could have been.

@n120cky, Diabel calls himself a 'knight' class in ep2 and everyone laughs and mentions there not being a job system at all. You can pick skills like a knight would getting heavy armor and 1h+shield, or a thief would with dagger+hiding/etc, etc, but at the same time you are never truly "locked" into a job with SAO's system. This gives players the opportunity to reroll so to speak by dropping skills and relearning, something the Black Cats wanted Sachi to do in ep3. Imagine if Sachi had picked Knight class in the beginning (if SAO had gone with job system)? She would be a horrible knight

If SAO did have a job/class system I imagine it would be very frustrating if you picked something you didn't like after a month and were stuck with it. This is why I presume the author decided to opt for a skill-based system to let the players decided without locking them in. With no rerolling possible if you had made a bad class/job choice you would be stuck with it for 2 years. Without magic or ranged weapons though there was little need for a true job or class based system though. Letting the players decided and choose as they go would give the players the highest amount of customization.
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