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Wait... Hanyuu and Laura almost didn't pass the second prelim?
For Laura - 7th Place (Cure Marine) got 139 votes, Laura got 129...hack, Nijou Izumi got 126 and is out. In another word, it's REALLY hard to say whether they "barely make it" sometimes when it's 10 votes separating 7th place from 15th place...(2nd prelim in general is close just b/c of the sheer number of girls involved and the sheer number of girls that one can vote for...)

And why would Hanyuu pass with ease anyway? Higurashi is not what it was...

Now I'm not so sure about former strong characters like Maria, Houki, and Minorin.
They shouldn't have any trouble. And this group is relatively less competitive (They're 4th, 5th, and 6th right now, of course, all it takes is 5 votes for them to go all the way up to 2nd...)
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