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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
Makishima does whatever he wants because he feels no guilt. Akane does only what she feels is right so she has no reason to feel guilty. Very different things.

And if they try to recruit Akane? They will learn what happens when someone with solid convictions get mad.

If someone wants you dead, you better wish that person is evil. Because an evil person would gloat and want to have more fun before he kills you. But if someone who is GOOD wants you dead, he or she would just strike you down. You would not get any chances.

Fear a good (wo)man with a gun, for she will use it without hesitation.
Common misconception actually again no such thing as good and evil just perception. In my eyes.

For instance Maki has a way to destroy sybil that does not include mass amounts of people dieing all it does is force them to trade and he is the bad guy,even if he is bad killing him aka murdering some one is the solution not jail question no trial cold blooded murder that's not right at all, And even tho sibyls worse lets protect sybil and kill maki why are we rooting for the protagonist at this point they are all self fish pricks now,Tho thats how anyone would handle this situation if any of are friends was killed by some one the last thing on our mind would be justice, Akane will most likely side with sybil cause the whole order is important B.S. sorry akane is everything sybil wants to be a cold calculated machine in the disguise of a human whos main and only focus is to maintain order. To many of the little dialogues they have shown of her showed her way of thinking is inhumane she has not yet once questioned sybil. By the end of this series once we learn how she thinks fully I guarantee it will make maki look like a saint.

Also I just remembered exactly how to deal with some one like maki even if they are more skilled than you. Its quite easy to get people like maki mad to bad kogami doesn't know this. I remember batman beyond fight with joker all he did was threw his game off a little by talking trashsince joker was the better fighter, words hurt these kinda people easily when you say the right things. Act like you got them all figured out,Make fun of them for not fighting in and they get mad and make mistakes.Or ignore em either works.
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