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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Pretty much.

And as these last few episodes have been illustrating...for all the tyranny that the Sybil system provides, it just DOESN'T provide that much security. Sure it can keep up a facade of orderliness...under ideal circumstances. But it's shown to be utterly inept at dealing with any real opposition.

The only way I can imagine Pscyho-Pass Japan managing to survive on the international scale is trying to maintain a low profile, and people not realizing how fragile it is. Cause even the most trivial acts of terrorism/sabotage could bring this country to its knees.

Think of all the Chaos that Makishima and Choe caused with the helmet riots. Imagine what could have been done with a team of cyborg commandos DESIGNED for infiltration? A cyborg face could be designed that with a kit, you could noticeably change facial features enough to fool facial recognition. A foreign state intelligence agency could have designed Choe's helmet components, and miniaturized them to be built into a cyborg body. And just for extra kicks, give them suitcases filled with military grade 22nd century weapons.

With how Sybil has been presented, this would literally be a neigh unstoppable existential threat. It's not merely "This would be a tragedy". It's literally, "a dozen cyborg commandos could destroy this entire country".

Originally Posted by darthfanta View Post
I also think that Sybil has to go, but it has to be done properly. If not, anarchy may reign, and most probably ,a more totalitarian form of government might appear.
Or international peace keepers invade and take over the country.

One thing is kinda amusing about this episode though...Kougami and his Sensei discuss that how if Japans entire hyper oat crop got destroyed, they'd have to break down their barriers...and be flooded by foreign refugees?

Japan. I know you think you're an awesome country. But you're NOT so awesome that people will wanna move there when you literally have no food.
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