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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
I have two or three ideas for how Psycho-Pass will end. It depends on how dark Gen wants to go with it.

If he leans more towards a lighter end, by his standards, then I think this is how Psycho-Pass ends: Akane somehow takes over the Sibyl system. In other words, she won't kill the 250 brains, but she will take control from them. She'll becoming something of a Queen, and make those brains her advisers, basically.

Akane will then slowly, but surely, reintroduce a judiciary system to Japan.
That would be an okay ending, I long as Akane wouldn't end up as a brain in jar or something equally as bad. I don't want the series to end with a huge self sacrifice from her. I'm tired of that sort of thing happening, and it would really ruin the series for me.
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