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Very good episode!
Didn't Kougami seem more cheerful than usual in this episode? I found him very at ease with the professor (and even with the gun). Like he finally felt free for the first time in a long time.
Anyway I'm really curious to know which truth Sybil system will tell to Akane. Since it's a risky gamble telling her that. So I'm expecting that the sybil system will let her weigh up some truth (not the whole) about what the sybil system is, with what Japan was before Sybil system took over and what's now about the world outside Japan without a Sybil system at work. Like saying they were forced to do this to save the country.
It would be a nice expedient to let us know more about global situation and the sybil system itself and at the same time will try to force Akane making compromise with her morals. Even convincing her for a while. Why not.
Otherwise I can't think of any other smart reason the author Sybil system would reveal the truth/part of it to her.

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