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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
Sybil is not order. Sybil is only PRETENDING to be order. And Akane saw that when the gun override happened.

Akane is not "lawful stupid". She doesn't follow orders, she follow the law. And conveniently, since Sybil did not tell the truth about what it actually is, it is not protected by the legal system. That which don't legally exist, don't have legal rights.

Akane follows order. REAL order. Not following authority blindly.

Hence, her stun shot last episode. Had she been as obedient as you claimed, she would have done nothing.

If it comes time for Akane to judge Sybil, she would find it wanting.
Not taking orders does not mean she thinks no differently than a cold calculated machine that is all she is. There is not a ounce of humanity in that woman in her eyes the gun was messed up that defies order she stunned kogami and corrected it that was all it was to her. She can't see the bigger picture cause she thinks no differently than a machine.

How is forcing sybil to trade get reveals and over thrown by society cause mass murder and war, Thats like if North Korea leader was put in a situation that forced him to communicate with the outside world and would lead to that country's entire government being over thrown nothing but good can come from that.
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