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Akarix: Nice style as usual, and nice sign. Though the main subject occupies a bit too much, I think (I mean, there's half sign with background and half without, eyes impact is not the best possible). 8,25/10

Sweethoney: Low quality (I always suggest to use png and IR tools to enhance the effects). The font is nice, though "Sweethoney" shouldn't cross the moon. I'd try to move in the right bottom. 7/10

CXC: Dramatically small. Doesn't allow the appreciate the details of it. 5/10
What about using a bigger version?

Spoiler for sample:

Diaboso: Simple, too much simple. And it's off-limits on AnimeSuki since it's 188 px height (vs. 160 max allowed). 5/10

jedinat: Heh, I usually appreciate black & white but this is not the case. Too much black, doesn't suit to be a sign. Consider a 7 for the left part and a 3 for the right. Total: 5/10

Xellos-_^: Now that is an interesting subject Minus half point because the border is not harmonious (it's thicker on the left, and thinner on the right, for no apparent reasons). But still good 8/10

kaito-kid: You produce magnificent stuff, sir . I love both the signatures you posted, especially that with Akane. Thus I'd be for assigning: 9,5/10 to the first, and 9,25/10 to the second.

suwayya: Very nice. Interesting shapes. And useful message (yes, I'm a Firefox addict as well ^^). 8,5/10
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