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RedFrame: Great stuff man made me really think theres a movie for a second there 9/10.

syzyqy: Ky's a good character. but the new artowkr doesnt appeal to me as the older ones. 7/10

Cyz: bunny girl with green hair? how do you pull that off with it looking good X_x. 8/10

Steelbound: Sig made me think of it as like a old school fighting game being made XD 8/10

lavielove: (which chracter is it from?) I like the artistic blur to the it. 8/10

CxC: I like the bordering for this one and the colors support one another 9/10

Kira Naruto: at first glance it looks simple, but when i read the word find me. Little blinking text got to me XD 8/10

akarix: Oh Sephia coloring is one of my favorites(just one point off since i dont know the chracter yet =p) 9/10

Riker: Cool. need i say more? 9/10

Pellissier: tsk tsk tsk. 9/10

ok thats it my eyes are hurting me X_x
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