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Okay, patched it to it me or in the patches did they power up caster to unbelievable proportions, because in version 1.00, she just shot her little laser beams at me and that was it along with the occasional ice she's juggling me across the stage and back. (Though I did raise it one difficulty level from default). It also seems Berserker got a HUGE mobility boost. Before, I could jump circles around him with he can reach me even when I'm in the air? Broken.

Rider still plain old sucks. She simply doesn't have anywhere near the compensation in terms of speed and attack rate that she has for her short-ranged weaker moves. Compare Berserker to Astaroth and Rider to Taki. Berserker is WAAAAAAAAY stronger, Rider is WAAAAAAAAY weaker. Saber seems more or less fine the way she is, although I have NO idea how to rack up combos with her.
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