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Originally Posted by eobert
Few questions:
What do the command mantras do? When I activate them, they just seem to do one attack and that's it.

What do Rider's Noble Phantasms do? I tried activating BFA and the gaze one, but other than change the color of the screen, they don't seem to affect the fight.

Is there a way to stop from being juggled in the air? I think I saw the computer start blocking me while he was in the air once, but I can't figure out how to do it. On a similar note, if someone is attacking you with a ground combo can you start blocking? Nothing I do seems to help, and I just stand there taking 20+ hit combos. Stupid Lancer.
Command matras cancels the final moment of your move(the recovery time of each move) so your combo can go on for longer. It also allows you to get out of a combo.

Rider's BFA recovers your hp, while the gaze one slows down your opponent.

Press and hold back when you're in air to block.
If you're stuck in a combo you can't block anymore.

P.S. hitting backwards is defense, not blocking. Blocking is a unique move to Archer. (Hit FORWARDS at the moment you get attacked). It cancels your opponent's attack sequence plus gives you the priority in attack(if you hit the attack keys fast enough, that is. Took me quite a lot of practices)
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