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Bartender isn't out in fansubs yet. It's not even showing yet.

I have some minor expectations, but it really depends on the overall presentation.
Will it be a mature and realistic presentation of a relation formed between strangers bridged by cocktails, and how peoples face the sorrows and troubles of their life with the help of others and find lessons in life, accompanied with beautiful, classical piano music arrangements, beautiful visual directing (( these kinds of anime need strong visual directing to help convey emotions better, especially if it's going to be episodic )), and a realistic depiction of both professional bartending and flair bartending without juggling exagerrations?

Or will it be a shouneny unrealistic show where customer comes in, gets drunk, tells life story, and the bartender uses his l33t powahs to juggle 10 bottles in the air, mix his cocktails and offer it to the customer ON TEH HOUSE, the customer drinks it, gets a Chuuka Ichiban-ish/Addicted to Curry-ish reaction, and is revitalized with vigor?

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Ummm...since i'm not fluent in Japanese, can someone give a summary for the anime, and is there a manga? <<sorry if it's dumb to ask.
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